With 25 years of deo expertise and NIVEA's strong skincare expertise, NIVEA now offers NIVEA Protect & Care. The formula that does not only offer reliable protection against body odour but also cares for the delicate skin of the underarms. Deodorants usually focus on one particular benefit or another. NIVEA was able to develop a formula that brings together the best aspects of both: highly effective daylong odour protection and delicate care, uniting them in the most caring deodorant from NIVEA.

Highly effective daylong odour protection

No need to worry about unpleasant body odor and irritation on underarms anymore. The innovative formula of the new NIVEA Protect & Care deo protects against body odor & cares for your skin. It provides effective daylong protection against body odor while gently caring for your skin.


Special care for your underarms

The underarm skin is especially delicate and exposed to different strains like applying deodorant and hair removal. In addition, they are often hidden under tight clothes, causing friction and humidity. Thus, caring for the underarms is a relevant need. The alcohol-free formula of Protect & Care has been especially developed with precious ingredients of NIVEA Creme. It is particularly mild, non-irritating, and well tolerated by the delicate underarm skin. The fast-absorbing formula is non-sticky, leaving the skin soft and comfortably dry.


Unique fragrance of the NIVEA Creme

NIVEA Protect & Care is the only deodorant featuring the essential ingredients and fragrance of NIVEA Creme. The fragrance is familiar to everyone and evokes a true feeling of care and pure freshness all day long.



And don't forget your underarms

The thin underarm skin is sensitive and taking proper care of your underarms can be challenging. We provide you with helpful tips on how you can care for this special skin area in the best way possible.



Inside and out

For most women, feeling self-confident is closely linked to feeling well in their own skin. Discover here how body language, a well-practiced beauty routine and well-cared for underarms help you to feel more comfortable every day.



Why does the skin in my underarms need special care?

The underarms skin is especially sensitive as it is confronted with different irritations: these parts of the skin are often covered by our clothing and therefore remain humid and lack day light. In addition, the underarms have to bear rough treatments like shaving or waxing –usually almost every month. That’s why it needs special attention. The new NIVEA Protect & Care deo has been developed to deliver a cared-for skin feeling, leaving it pleasantly smooth and soft. As the non-irritating formula does not contain alcohol, it does not burn on the skin. All these factors help to care for the underarms while providing long-lasting protection against body odour. 

Where does the bad smelling of sweat come from?

Deodorants, in general, are designed to reduce body odour. Body odour result from bacteria that break down the sweat on our skin. The sweat itself is odorless; it is the bacteria that cause bad odour. Deodorants can contain ingredients with antibacterial properties, which help to reduce the increase in bacteria, so body odour are not as strong. That is the reason why we feel protected and fresh when we can smell the fragrance of our deodorant all day long. In addition, NIVEA deodorants do not only work through their pleasant fragrance, but also contain antimicrobial substances that fight bacteria. This means there are fewer bacteria that can cause body odour.

What is so special about the new formula of the new NIVEA Protect & Care deo?

For the first time, NIVEA developed a deodorant spray which contains precious ingredients from our original NIVEA Creme. It is the most caring NIVEA deodorant combining highly effective daylong odour protection with special care for your underarms. Protect & Care deo comes with the unique scent of the NIVEA Creme, making the use a pleasure for our senses.

The formula contains highly valuable ingredients from the NIVEA Creme. So, what does that mean?

We took ingredients from NIVEA Creme, which are known to be especially skin friendly and have caring properties. The formula provides a pleasantly soft and smooth feeling on the skin. In a nutshell, we offer two main benefits: The product delivers reliable daylong odour protection and it has also been developed to care for your skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

How should I use the deodorant to achieve the best possible result?

It is important to use the product on clean and dry skin – that way it can work most effectively.