Get beautiful, even toned underarms with NIVEA Whitening Deodorants


We show you why your underarms need special care & how you can protect your underarm skin in the best way possible.

We all have our daily beauty routines. They depend on our lifestyle and schedule, but always include taking care of our face, our hair, and our skin in the best possible way. While paying close attention to their face and hair needs, women often forget to include one special area of their body in their daily care routine: the underarm region. Of course we wash our underarms, shave them or wax them, and use deodorant, but the delicate underarm area does not get the same considerate care as the rest of the body, even though the underarm skin is just as important and delicate.

Your underarms need special care

Years of underarm hair removal causes skin darkening, roughness & irritation. The thin underarm skin is really delicate and taking proper care of your underarms can be challenging. What the underarm region really needs is a thoroughly thought out care routine to make it smooth and soft and prevent skin irritations. NIVEA tells you how to take care of your underarms to make you feel good in your skin and also feel confident in everyday life! Read below & know how you can shed your inhibitions & gain the confidence to GO SLEEVELESS!

Shaving the right way

The right shaving technique eliminates stubbles and prevents ingrown hairs and skin irritation in the underarm area. Remember that your underarm hair can grow in various directions, which means that you have to approach your hair from all angles. Make sure you use a fresh blade every few weeks for a comfortable shave of both armpit areas. TIP: Shave in the shower so the hot water and steam can open the pores, and the shaving cream or body wash can soften your underarm hair. The results: less irritation and a closer shave of your delicate underarm area.

After Shaving

A woman’s underarm is a delicate region. Putting on deodorant or scratchy fabrics after shaving can be irritating and causes redness and skin bumps. To prevent your underarm skin from irritation, wait ten minutes before applying a deodorant, or shave before bed and let your skin recover overnight.


Weekly peelings for your underarm skin

Our underarms collect dead skin cells and residues just like the rest of our body. Therefore, to feel smooth and soft, our underarm skin needs special care. A gentle peeling once a week removes impurities, can prevent ingrown hairs and irritations, and perfectly prepares the skin for the daily shave. To peel the underarm skin, use a gentle exfoliating cleanser, apply it with a loofah, washcloth, or your hand and rinse it off with warm water.


Special treatment

The skin in your underarms can easily get dried out. You need to keep it moisturized and pamper your underarm skin the same way you pamper the rest of your body. TIP: Apply moisturizer to your armpits in the evening and leave on as an overnight treatment.


So, which is the right deodorant that gives you even toned underarms?

Adding NIVEA Whitening deodorants to your care routine is the optimal choice for getting beautiful, even toned underarms; all this with natural extracts and no harmful chemicals! Read further to find out how:

Mulethi – The MAGIC ingredient

Did you know that NIVEA Whitening Deodorants contain natural licorice extracts, popularly known as Mulethi. Mulethi is a natural plant extract that is a traditional skin lightening agent and reduces melanin production. More than 98% of Indian women agree that NIVEA Whitening deodorants makes their underarm skin tone appear more even toned with regular usage.
Try NIVEA Whitening deodorants now & discover the benefits of this natural ingredient!


0% Alcohol – for No Skin irritation

Ordinary deodorants that contain alcohol can dry out the skin upon application & cause skin irritation. Now say goodbye to skin irritation! NIVEA Whitening Deodorants with 0% alcohol is non-irritating on skin. More than 98% of Indian women agree that NIVEA Whitening deodorant does not cause unpleasant skin feelings like burning or itching on the skin.


Long lasting fragrance

NIVEA Whitening deodorants give you a long lasting, feminine fragrance. You can choose from a variety of fragrances ranging from floral to fruity. Its antimicrobial anti-perspirant formula is designed to work on skin and control body odour for the entire day.


The correct way to apply

Whitening Floral
  • ✔ Even Toned underarms
  • ✔ 0% Alcohol
  • ✔ Long lasting fragrance & odour control
Whitening Fruity
  • ✔ Even Toned underarms
  • ✔ 0% Alcohol
  • ✔ Long lasting fragrance & odour control
Whitening Smooth Skin
  • ✔ Even Toned underarms
  • ✔ 0% Alcohol
  • ✔ Long lasting fragrance & odour control
  • ✔ Contains Natural Avocado Extracts that smoothen the underarm skin.
Whitening Sensitive
  • ✔ Even Toned underarms
  • ✔ 0% Alcohol
  • ✔ Long lasting fragrance & odour control
  • ✔ Its ultra light formula is suitable for sensitive skin.
Whitening Talc Touch
  • ✔ Even Toned underarms
  • ✔ 0% Alcohol
  • ✔ Long lasting fragrance & odour control
  • ✔ Contains MICRO POWDER which cares like talc but doesn’t show like it


Priyanka Bandivadekar, 24

I love wearing sleeveless clothes. But unfortunately, all my strappy dresses were stacked at the back of my wardrobe. I was conscious of my underarms, which were noticeably darker compared to my body, so I would never have the confidence to pull off sleeveless outfits. I tried using the make-up hack but eventually realized I needed a product that would address my problem from the root.
NIVEA Whitening Deodorant proved to be ideal for my skin care routine. The natural licorice extracts in the product helped lighten my underarm skin. After regular application for a couple of weeks, my underarms finally matched my natural skin tone. They look great and feel fresh all day long. Thanks, NIVEA!


Aditi Misra, 23

When I first heard about NIVEA Whitening Deodorant, I wasn’t fully convinced as most of the deodorants come with chemicals that harm or irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin like mine. It was only when a friend recommended the product and said it was doing wonders for her that I decided to give it a try. NIVEA Whitening Deodorant contains 0% alcohol & Natural Licorice Extracts, also known as ‘Mulethi’ which helps to even-tone the underarm skin. It protects and cares for the skin one hundred percent . In fact, there was no irritation whatsoever and my underarms feel super smooth and are even-toned.


NIVEA explains deodorant myths. Which are true and which are just rumours?

  • NIVEA Whitening Deodorants might harm my skin due to chemicals used. Wrong: NIVEA Whitening deodorants contain 0% alcohol & Natural Licorice Extracts, also called as “Mulethi” helps to even tone the underarm skin.
  • Another belief: Deodorants and antiperspirants block the pores in the skin. Wrong: In fact, deodorants work on the surface of the skin, neutralizing odour-forming bacteria. In contrast, the antiperspirant ingredients constrict the pores for a limited time to reduce sweating. This ensures a fresh feeling and has absolutely no negative effects on your skin. It can continue to breathe freely. 
  • Another belief: Antiperspirants block all the sweat glands and are harmful for my skin. Wrong: It is important to distinguish between the two main types of sweat glands. The eccrine glands are the most common, and the ones found all over the body. Meanwhile, apocrine glands are larger, usually found on the underarms and more likely to be the site of sweat odour.
  • Whitening deodorants are not for me because I only use deodorants for odour control. Wrong : Whitening deodorants contain highly effective anti-perspirant formula which controls the body odour coming from bacteria on the skin eating up the sweat at the apocrine glands. On top, they also contain natural licorice extracts which help to lighten your underarm skin. 
  • If you use deodorants on freshly shaved skin, you risk getting razor burn. Wrong: razor burn is not caused by deodorants, but because sensitive skin is irritated by shaving. Use a shaving foam or shaving gel to protect your skin. You should then go for a deodorant without alcohol, such as NIVEA Whitening Deodorant. Nevertheless, avoid applying antiperspirant for a while after shaving.