Whitening Even Tone & UV Protect Body Lotion - NIVEA

    Get fairer, even toned skin like you always had.


    NIVEA Whitening Even Tone & UV Protect Body Lotion was specially designed for the needs of Asian skin. This NIVEA body lotion offers the power of nature combined with a high concentration of Vitamin C that works from deep within and repairs skin layer by layer. The body lotion recovers the skin’s white tone, despite the frequent exposure to the harmful UV-rays of the sun. NIVEA body lotion’s innovative, fast absorbing formula repairs damaged, dull skin. It also boosts the skin’s natural barrier to fight sun induced skin damage leaving you with radiant skin. The advanced UVA/UVB filters in the body lotion protect your skin from UV-rays, which induce pigmentation and cause dark and uneven skin.

    The lotion works immediately, deep into your skin, feels light and moisturizes your skin well. This body lotion can be used all through the year, perfect for winters and summers both. The NIVEA body lotion moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and the result is noticeably whiter and smoother skin. Now you can finally get back your even toned skin!


    • Camu Camu
    • Acerola Cherries
    • UVA/UVB Filters